Free Comic Book Day Was A Blast!


Free Comic Book Day was awesome! I finished BB-8 Just in time and scurried off to Krypton Comics.  Saw some amazing cosplays and drew 20+ free sketches for attendees!
Got to meet artist Ant Lucia as well who’s a super awesome guy!
My friend Christian Mercado showed off his new Triple Zero suit which was fantastic!

BB-8s 10433865_10153022047623171_1873899355432778727_n


As you can probably tell I’m on a total BB-8 kick, so I made up these cute anthro/starwars mash up pics. s

bb-8aoki_fa bb-8pandy_fa

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Free Comic Book Day!

Come find me at Free Comic Book Day at Krypton Comics in Omaha, NE, on May 2nd, from 10:00am-6:00pm! I’ll be doing FREE character sketches for anyone on these sketch cards!
I’ll have prints for sale and you’ll be able to get a photo op with the newest droid addition to the Star Wars universe, BB-8!


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AnimeNebraskon 2014

I’ll be at AnimeNebraskon 2014 this year!
Come look for my table in the dealers den.
I’ll have new artwork debuting!

AnimeNebraskon October 31-Nov 2nd
Ramada Hotel in Omaha, NE
Sign up for the Con here!

Princess in Blue

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Nuke-Con 2014

Come check out my art at Nuke-Con 2014 at the Ramada on 72nd and Grover in Omaha NE, on October 3-5th!  Art show and dealers den are FREE! Can’t beat that eh?
Here’s another chance to take home some awesome art prints!

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The Year 2014

I have to say that sounds pretty cool to say now.
I’m going to have to get used to saying and writing that as are many others.
My apologies for not posting up a Christmas picture last month.
Normally don’t make holiday pictures, but I felt rather inclined this year.
I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!
Thought I’d throw in a recent Jack Skellington piece I did as well.

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Nights and Night Mares Pon3Con Aftermath


Pon3Con was a great success and a lot of fun! For those of you unfamiliar, Nightmare Night is what ponies call their version of Halloween. So the con was themed around the event with panels, art, and merchandise themed accordingly.

The event ran all day from 9am-12:00am but the artist alley was open from 9-8 so still a full day for the artists. There were 10 artists in total that showed up to sell their art and wares, many of them are local and some from out of state, most I’d met a prior Pon3Con events earlier this summer or the fall before.

There were panels about ponies, random things in the fandom, a pony themed jeopardy game, a live pod cast and some screenings of episodes and movies along with an artist alley.

I saw a number of familiar faces in the attendee crowd as well as a whole slew of new people and some from out of town who traveled quite far for a one day event. There were a couple dozen or cosplayers and others dressed in pony themed garb. It was nice getting to connect with friends and fans old and new.

The way the artist alley was set up was really nice, the tables were set up around the perimeter of the room with 6 tables in the middle set up as social tables where attendees could hang out and socialize with each other and interact with the artists. It was great for us artists because of the interaction, most times artists are stuffed into room and left to fend for ourselves and make our own company. This wasn’t the case at Pon3. It was great being able to see all the attendees and interact with them. We were also very well taken care of, Food and Drink were provided for lunch and dinner. At most cons for artists you have to bring your own food or if you leave your table to get it, there’s the situation of possibly loosing a sale or getting something stolen. Again this wasn’t a problem and the service was wonderful! Many thanks to the Kriers for their outstanding service and providing the space at Sokol Auditorium.

I did sell a number of my prints which was great. It’s always nice to see someone walk away with a smile on their face and it’s very satisfactory knowing I could make them happy with my work! I was a little sad my Zecora piece wasn’t as big of a hit as I had hoped, but i had some surprises and sold a number of Silent Hill prints which I was thrilled to see go. Silent Hill is a Japanese horror survival video game, and I had done some pieces of the monsters that you encounter during gameplay namely Pyramid Head, Lying Figure/Armless Man, and the Bubblehead Nurse. Being that it was Nightmare Night, how appropriate to sell some things that would give nightmares eh?

My friends who are on staff did an amazing job running the event and taking care of us all. I think I can speak for a majority, Pon3Con Nightmare Night was a hit and a lot of fun during the dry spell between the major 3 day con events that are usually once a year.

Thanks everyone for liking my work and supporting what I do! See you next drawing!

Here are some pics!



Zecora Prints



























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Pon3Con 2013 Nightmare Night


I’ll be attending Pon3Con Nightmare Night this year which is being held at the
Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE, on September 21!
I’ll be selling some of my usual pieces as well
as a new Zecora print to be debuted. Here’s a sneak preview of the line art!

Zecora wip

Go here if you’d like to sign up for Nightmare Night

Pon3Con Nightmare Night
Sokol Auditorium
2234 S 13th St  Omaha, NE 68108
September 21, 10:00am – September 22, 12:00am

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Andrea Libman Signage!


Thought this was too cool not to share!

It’s last year, but I’d been wondering when this pic would pop up!
Photo creds to WeLoveFineTees

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Don’t Be Late For Tea!


For the month of August come check out my artwork featured at The Tea Smith
in Omaha, NE!

I’m displaying two new sketches and an all new original painting “Deathly Swing”. (previewed above)

The showing is up for the whole month of August and there are prints and originals for sale!
If you’re in the Omaha area please stop by and check out my work!

The Teasmith
345 North 78th St
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 393-7070


IMG_8973 IMG_8978 TSArtshow4 IMG_8981




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New Store

Hey all I just opened my Big Cartel store go check it out!
There’s also a new link added on the menu bar!

Big Cartel Store


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