Free Comic Book Day!

hdr-mainNeed something to do this weekend? Stop by Krypton Comics for Free Comic Book Day on May 7th, 2016!
I’ll be there with a slew of other artists selling art and prints and doing free sketches of your favorite characters. Checkout this awesome line up of artists.

2819 S. 125th Ave
Suite 261
Omaha, NE 68144
Go to 125th and West Center Rd, head south on 125th ave. Look BEHIND the Office Depot and boom! there we are!

Krypton Comics Omaha posted their list of artists for Free Comic Book Day, and it reads like pure gold: the (…) stuff is my addition and bits have been edited.

Anastasia Waymire – Artist Jam Ambassador, (and ambassador of dragons), Stasia brings her unique talents for chibi, dragons and superheroes to this year’s Free Comic Book Day event.

Jesse Kirk – Artist Jam Sergeant at Arms, (you don’t want to get in a fight with her, she will win) Jess’ passion for anime, manga and all things fantastic will be on display at Free Comic Book Day.

James Hodge – Artist Jam’s Big Man On Campus is a fan of all things Doctor Who, James is an amazing sketch artist with a flair for the fantastic!

Fredd Gorham – The Artist Jam’s Main Loiterer, (pffffft!) Fredd has worked in the gaming and comics field for over 25 years. These days Fredd devotes his time to running workshops and classes at the Joslyn Art Museum, hosting the monthly Artist Jam, and selling his artwork through Steel Angel Studios.

Bruce McCorkindale – Longtime Omaha artist Bruce has many credits under his belt from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Darkhorse and many more! Bruce has come out of hiding to join us for a day of frantic sketching!

Jared Sloger – Artist Jam Heartthrob (OMG)Jared is an amazing illustrator and painter of unending talent! Check out his work on Free Comic Book Day!

Louis Simpson – Longtime Artist Jam regular, Louis has been both teaching comic book art classes at Metro College and working on over 13 self published books.

Kim White – Artist Jam SpokesModel (I’m fairly certain I was called this because I wear the same Superman t-shirt of EVERY Art Jam) Kim’s style is as varied as her interests in fandom! Check out her work on Free Comic Book Day!

Kathleen Clark – Not-so-mildly mannered surgical nurse by day, questionably-mannered artist the rest of the time! Kathleen has been commissioned as a free-lance artist across the country; her work was even crossed oceans!

Den Pratt – Den Pratt is a comic artist/fan artist and costumer living in Red Oak, Iowa. he has been drawing and making art for as long as he can remember, and has been working on getting his first comic, Banshee Illuminated, published. Den’s preferred mediums are pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, and GIMP.

Alexandra Lane – Alexandra Lane is an illustrative artist and her work is available online as prints and greeting cards. After living abroad in Germany, she started pyrography, burning designs into wood. She also loves doodling future cosplay ideas whilst watching TV, or traipsing around outdoors or at the zoo, sketching the animals.

Erin Skoog – Newcomer Erin is a collaborator on The Guilden Oak with fellow artist Alexandra Lane. Welcome!

Afton Palmer – Afton is a illustrator who specializes in marker sketch cards and digital art. She’s excited to be a part of FCBD and hopes to meet other fans and share some nerdy art goods along the way!

Bailey Palmer – Bailey Palmer lives in Omaha, Nebraska and dabbles in illustration. She works in both traditional and digital media and loves to draw along the lines of fantasy and adventure! Bailey also likes to draw inspiration from video games and comic books and tries a hand at original artwork.

Anyway, come to Free Comic Book Day y’all! First Saturday in May!


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